✢ Sewe Inspired


This weekend, thousands will meander through our Charleston streets looking at art, animals, how to train their labs, raffle for boats, hunting trips, and yes…eat, drink, and shop.

Being a fan of The Great Outdoors, myself, I am inspired by the rustic earth elements and thought I would share a gift to those wives whose husbands note wanting to “re-do” their man cave with a new trophy deer head. I say, BRING IT!

Walk away from Hunter Green and Burgundy; instead, embrace Blaze Orange and Chartreuse.

Here is a color palette that appeals to us. We were inspired when mid-week our Schumacher Rep and friend, Nancy Jones, showed her new lines. What a fun time, and lots of ideas began to spin from the lovelies she showed us.

…so be our Guinea Pig, and find your own inspiration from the South Eastern Wildlife Expo, or borrow from a palette we created to inspire you. Share any photos, we would love to post them …..❈

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