✢ Clean Up your Act, Man.


This Gentleman’s bathroom was in need of a clean overhaul.  We simplified the space and color palette,  but kept design interest by marrying a variety of textures.  The grasscloth walls in the water room add warmth while the marble in the bathing area  is calm, cool, and collected.

CAID_Bathroom_ETC jpeg


IMG_5826          IMG_0053

Here are some inspirations that may help you, Mr. Clean.


Calcutta Gold Tile.  This is a natural marble surface.  Keep honed tile on the floor.  You can place polished or honed in shower and walls.  For this installation, we took the large tile and cut it into thirds, to apply in a Herringbone pattern.  Any unique (but not trendy) application makes for an interesting aesthetic when all surfaces are in the same family.


Any grasscloth that speaks to you is fine.  Our opinion is the knobbier the better.


Trust us on this one.  Start off FRESH…literally.  Invest in some new clean white, ivory, or off white thick Egyptian cotton towels.

Get rid of the ones you’ve had since college.  Use them to wash the dog.

e399d3e5242cc710d1ec3cd23eb0c4d8Find a contemporary or striking etching, ink, or drawing;  husky, and masculine.

b63e38083e08abd85760ede961e7ae08We used antlers in this install to bring in a raw, natural appeal, but these bronze Boars are catching my eye at the moment too!


Yes, gentlemen, you too can lounge around and eat bon-bons….but if you find you just quite frankly don’t have the time,

you can throw your pumice soap in an antique silver dish for a rich detail.


Smooth operator…..


Now, Mr. Clean, you are ready to conquer the world.  May the force be with you. ❈