✢ Old School Cool

In our age of technology, texting, and messaging as the seemingly preferred means of communication, I am so thankful for Generation Z (+) to UNPLUG.

Yes, I said it.

I hope and pray that my children will learn that a handshake and eye contact is real and real meaningful.

Each Fall, the creaky stairs at South Carolina Society Hall in Charleston, bounce and squeak as children run up and down in polished shoes to meet Mrs. Emily Whipple, their fearlessly fun and mannerly Cotillion leader.   She greets each child with a handshake and knows each one of them by name, their parents, their siblings, and where they attend school.

While there is the obligatory whining about going, the girls AND the boys get themselves dressed and secretly look forward to visiting with friends.  …..SO, do they actually enjoy unplugging?

I think so.

South Carolina Society Hall       Meeting Street      Charleston, SC


Getting Ready for the big Debut and the little details that make a girl at least appear to be a “young lady”


An add a pearl necklace started at birth, and the clasp personalized with an engraved monogram



Mrs. Emily Whipple (one of our favorite people on the planet) greeting the gal who hopes cooties can’t travel through gloves.  No lie, she teaches these children to dance by a record player and calls the steps from a crooning microphone reminiscent of the 50s.  Love it!


“Mrs. Em” (as she is affectionately known) is famous in her own right among our community, but has a mother who was also well known.  Her mother, Mrs. Emily Whaley, was the  darling of  Garden Clubs and Green Thumbers throughout the country.  Visitors still come see her Church Street Garden from all over to catch a peek at her Loutrel Briggs designed garden.



And Now, time for Mama to UNPLUG.  Without hesitation, I accepted the kind invitation from my friend to meet and catch up.  Upon opening the gate created by the gifted Blacksmith; Phillip Simmons, I realize that turning technology off is a gift for adults, too.  Embrace it, friends.  You won’t miss e mail and texting for an hour, really.

You may even notice a beautiful gate, garden, or make a friend.


Blacksmith:  Philip Simmons (1912-2009)

The process of Cotillion (in Charleston, anyway) begins pretty much at birth.  Young mothers upon learning “it’s a girl!” find a precious baby boy with whom they partner their petite princess.  Once the partnership is “arranged”, the mother writes a letter to Mrs. Whipple in hopes to secure a spot for these two so that they can start this fabulous tradition when they enter Fourth grade.


The handwritten letter, oh please deliver one to us Mr. Postman!


Vintage Gucci Pen


The writing is on the wall:  Old School is Cool!  ❈


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