✢ Grazin’ In The Grass is a Gas

….Baby, Can you Dig It?

April is Here, and Spring is finally in the air.  Each morning is a gift of new growth and color.  We’ve waited so very long for a change of palette and now we say, “Spring?”…Bring it, baby.

In design, as in all of life, we find inspiration in the natural beauty around us.

So we devote the moth of April to finding our inner-Green…to share with you all things green:

grass, flowers, herbs, veggies, and even moss.  Maybe some days we will pair with a recipe, or interiors, or artwork, etc. Please check in and join us as we celebrate April: Groovy Green style.  I can dig that.

An all time Spring Favorite:

The Dogwood

(Cornus Florida)


For several years, my parents took my brother and me on a walk around the neighborhood whilst the Easter Bunny took that opportunity to hide the eggs and treats in the yard for the Great Easter Egg Hunt.

As we approached the first dogwood tree in the neighborhood, as if on queue, my mother explained that the Dogwood flower is said to be a reminder of Christ on the Cross. My mother always started by explaining that the Dogwood blooms only around Easter time. We were entranced, as if we were hearing it for the first time. She would continue, there are two long leaves and two shorter ones that shape a cross.  The burned and browned rusty looking marking on the end of each leaf represent the nails of His crucifixion.  The blossom’s center is a cluster like that of a thorny crown.

From the moment I heard the story, I’ve Loved the Dogwood.

Funny how a childhood memory can mean so much and carry into larger parts of our lives.  So When my second son was born, we planted…you guessed it, A Dogwood in the yard.

and in my next house (not my next child) I hope and dream…maybe…..


And inside:  How’s about some dogwood and deer?  There’s a new flora and fauna in town, and we like it.

(fabric by Joel Dewberry Fabrics)


Or some ethnic inspiration with dogwoods rooted in there somewhere?

(Manuel Canovas  “Dara” in noir)


Inside or Out, In you heart or in the yard, Dogwoods are an all-time Spring Fave!

❊Diggin Spring


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