✢ Yogurt and Yields


The children got a few funds, with which they were nudged to learn about stocks and investing.  Overwhelmed myself, we made an appointment with our friends at Family Asset Management here in Charleston.  Dan Russler gave homework for each child to record information on five companies of their choice.   Being that the word “homework” is seemingly tabu among this crowd, I thought this was going to be a chore.  We took off to Tutti Frutti to grab some frozen yogurt inspiration.

We had a great time.  Long after we devoured our treat, they were glassy-eyed but still at it.  They seem to be Wall Street junkies in the making!  Retirement here we come! (Well, one day) ❈


✢ The Launch!


What Inspires You?

I imagine it is as unique to each of us; as unique as we are created to be! I, for one, am consistently inspired be folks born way before me. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born in a genre prior. I do not have a TV, I like simplicity, and I am a quirky old soul. With that said, I am in awe of my precious Grandmother (now 94). She has more grace, style, and loveliness in her pinky finger than I can imagine emulating. Continue reading