✢ I’ll have a Double (take)

Eliza T. Collins, my dear assistant with our design firm,  is a gal who possesses many talents. Eliza is my right hand.  And when asked, she wears any hat that is needed for the task with a smile.  Lately, she’s taken snaps of a few of our projects and has done a marvelous job.  I begged her to share a few photos from her personal projects, and as usual….Eliza does not disappoint.



Eliza’s photographs were created through the combination of new and old age technology. She began with digital files, then morphed those through soft-wear programs she uses.  The images created from this process were laid out in the darkroom and then exposed  in the sunlight to create the final photographs blending new and old techniques.  I’m a huge fan!  ❈

Entire project can be seen on Eliza’s portfolio : www.elizacollins.com

✢  Touring our beloved Old City with Beloved “old” friends – Happy 50th Birthday, friend!

✢ Touring our beloved Old City with Beloved “old” friends – Happy 50th Birthday, friend!

I am the first to admit I am guilty.  Guilty of residing in Charleston, South Carolina:  the very city named The No. 1 City In The United States by Conde Nast Traveler, and taking the gift of these surroundings as … Continue reading

✢ Farmer’s Market Finest



You know summer is here when the Farmer’s Market in Marion Square in downtown Charleston is brimming with locals as well as visitors.  Everyone carries baskets brimming with fresh fruits and veggies and brightly colored flowers and herbs from farms surrounding our beloved Low Country.

Our find this weekend? Okra and more Okra.

My friend and past neighbor, John Taylor of Hoppin’ John’s, shared an easy (and I do mean easy) and delicious pickled okra recipe.  This one comes from his Hoppin John’s Charleston, Beaufort, and Savannah Dining at Home in The Low Country cookbook.  It’s a classic.

Now on to pickling perfection!  Great with any meal, as an appetizer, or in a spicy Bloody. ❈

✢ The Year of The Dragon

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.18.09 AM

We created our own version of the Two-Headed Dragon by upholstering a client’s tired old pair of chairs in a Jim Thompson No. 9 Qinglong Linen dragon print.  To settle the bold artistry of the face of the chair, we paired it with a ClassicCloth linen and jute backing.  The yellow and orange threads in the Classic Cloth add depth, texture, color, and allow us to utilize a broader palette in the room where they are placed.  We fear no dragon (of this kind, anyway).  ❈

✢ Sunnylands, Southern California ✢

We all day dream at times, right? Some of us more than others, admit-tingly. As summer approaches, and it’s time for some much needed R&R, I run right to Sunnylands (in my mind, anyway).



Nancy and Ronald Reagan







Designed by A. Quincy Jones in the mid 1960’s for Walter Annenberg and his wife as a vacation home. It quickly became a haven for presidents and diplomats as a retreat for meetings and discussions. Who could not be at peace in Sunnylands?

With the design eye of William Harris and Ted Graber, they fused pinks with green, reds with yellow, florals and cheeky accents. Oh, I’m liking this Sunnylands dream, alright. Beats the office any day.  ❈

✢ Yogurt and Yields


The children got a few funds, with which they were nudged to learn about stocks and investing.  Overwhelmed myself, we made an appointment with our friends at Family Asset Management here in Charleston.  Dan Russler gave homework for each child to record information on five companies of their choice.   Being that the word “homework” is seemingly tabu among this crowd, I thought this was going to be a chore.  We took off to Tutti Frutti to grab some frozen yogurt inspiration.

We had a great time.  Long after we devoured our treat, they were glassy-eyed but still at it.  They seem to be Wall Street junkies in the making!  Retirement here we come! (Well, one day) ❈

✢ Yum!

Cafe Zest in Charleston is our company’s new meeting place!  Chef Jon Anderson of La Cuisine  peeks from the kitchen to personally greet each visitor.  He is witty, fun, and incredibly creative preparing food.  In fact, he gets so excited, he pops open items he is about to place on his “pick up something on the go” shelf to allow us a taste.
Today: Gazpacho.  Fresh Guacamole.   Supper…..check!  Kids…let’s go to the park.
Do yourself a favor, Go see Jon at Cafe Zest.  334 East Bay St.  Charleston, SC
One word:  YUM!  ❈

✢ Sunny Kitchen

kitchen inspirationThis is a dreary day in Charleston, SC.  Just for fun, let’s force some sunshine in the day.  I see a new Kitchen…Dark Slate Gray painted walls by Farrow & Ball, trim and doors in same.  Bright White Painted wood  floor, White Cabinetry, White Counter tops, Copper sink, Zebra Palm Linen Panel Curtains – fabric by Schumacher, and thimble bead trim by Scalamandré  inset down sides of curtain.  SUNSHINE Yellow Velvet chairs surround a Mid-century Glass table.  Feeling the heat? ❈

✢ APRIL SHOWERS….Bring May “Mother’s Day” Flowers. GIVE AWAY!

Congratulations to 15 Year old Lauren who won our Bubble Gum Pink Curtains in our last Give Away.
Now it’s time to celebrate you über chic Mothers out there! We want to give you a pottery vase that is perfect for cut greens or fresh flowers. Just like Courtney Agosti Interior Design on our Facebook page, Follow our Blog, and send a message you want it (or want to give it to your mother, hint…hint). Share it on your Facebook page, or comment on our blog for a double entry to win. The lucky Mother will be drawn on May 1, 2013 Good luck! ❈