✢ Make Treats…not Tricks!

Happy Halloween!

As we are in full-blown tackifying mode around our haunted house, we stop to share some wacky inspiration for a fun evening full of Tricks AND Treats.


When setting the table, opt for dry as well as  slimy elements you can find in your own back yard.  Use moss, and sticks, antlers and the like, and dried bugs (although our little roach critters were obtained from the Dollar Store).

Put webs in that gorgeous chandelier of yours and place crows, spiders, and bats.



Use a colorful wreath to interest neighbors to your front stoop.


I know I  will loose favor among the little ones and their dentists, but this precious little craft makes a great treat for goblins who

come a knockin’.  3bd87f0336bc5155aece968698b99a91

Living on the coast, or where ever you are, think out side the Jack (in the box). Monogram that gourd, emblazon it with your logo, what ever, just get your knife and your creativity and carve that vegetation.



Before the goblins leave to run about the Hood, I try to pump something into them  that may balance the fructose they will ingest in the next 24 hours.  This one is quick and easy:

Sweet potato stuffed with Chili and avocado cream topping.


Many (many) years ago, we would adorn cupcakes with these cuties, and I still have some of these from my childhood.  I have, however seen them at five and dime stores (do they even use that term anymore?) on rare occasions.

For the adults, a grown up version of a candied apple; a caramel pear with sea-salt sprinkles will keep us energized while walking about with the trick-or-treaters.


We wish you a house filled with friends and neighbors, full vampire smiles, and an evening full of good-old-fashioned FUN!  ❈