✢ Ming Chairs get their Zing

Who doesn’t like a before and after?
A little creativity and TLC can transform just about any piece of furniture that has good bones.  In this case, these Vintage James Mont Keyhole Ming Chairs not only have a “here and now” vibe, but that Jade color really sang to me.

ming chairs before image.001

For more on James Mont, click here for The NY Times Magazine article.

I didn’t dare to alter the color of the frame, so they really just needed upholstery.  The search was on for the perfect fabric to compliment it, but I didn’t have to look further than our own office yard for inspiration…

IMG_0021 2

hmm…bright mossy green + rich emerald leaves work pretty well together, don’t ya think?

I am thankful for clients who trust me and allow me to create something unexpected in their design plan. I’ll admit though, this idea made me wonder if she’d go for it.  As you can see, she did, and they are  F A B U L O U S.

Ming chairs after.001
Et Voilà!  The Osborne & Little Needlecord Tarva fabric gave these chairs their much needed Zing!

Thanks for the inspiration,

✢ The Year of The Dragon

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.18.09 AM

We created our own version of the Two-Headed Dragon by upholstering a client’s tired old pair of chairs in a Jim Thompson No. 9 Qinglong Linen dragon print.  To settle the bold artistry of the face of the chair, we paired it with a ClassicCloth linen and jute backing.  The yellow and orange threads in the Classic Cloth add depth, texture, color, and allow us to utilize a broader palette in the room where they are placed.  We fear no dragon (of this kind, anyway).  ❈