✢ Grazin’ In The Grass is a Gas

✢ Grazin’ In The Grass is a Gas

….Baby, Can you Dig It? April is Here, and Spring is finally in the air.  Each morning is a gift of new growth and color.  We’ve waited so very long for a change of palette and now we say, “Spring?”…Bring … Continue reading

✢ I’ll have a Double (take)

Eliza T. Collins, my dear assistant with our design firm,  is a gal who possesses many talents. Eliza is my right hand.  And when asked, she wears any hat that is needed for the task with a smile.  Lately, she’s taken snaps of a few of our projects and has done a marvelous job.  I begged her to share a few photos from her personal projects, and as usual….Eliza does not disappoint.



Eliza’s photographs were created through the combination of new and old age technology. She began with digital files, then morphed those through soft-wear programs she uses.  The images created from this process were laid out in the darkroom and then exposed  in the sunlight to create the final photographs blending new and old techniques.  I’m a huge fan!  ❈

Entire project can be seen on Eliza’s portfolio : www.elizacollins.com